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What Would It Look Like If It Was Easy?

That's the question SimplySharp was built on.  "What would getting your knives sharpened look like if it was easy?" We racked our brains trying to make every part of interacting with us easy, simple, and joyful.  We'll continue to work to make sure getting your knives, scissors, garden tools, and more sharpened is the easiest you'll ever do.

At Home Service

Book a convenient at home service.  We'll come to you and sharpen up your items, it's the easiest thing we could think of.

Local Markets

Find us at farmers markets around town.  We're currently at the Peachtree Road, Alpharetta, Brookhaven, and Sandy Springs Farmers Markets.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the latest on where we'll be.  

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Dropoff Locker

Prefer to drop your knives off, we're proud to partner with Nuts 'n Berries in Brookhaven.  Simply drop your knives off and pick them up nice and sharp the next day.

Please consider following us and spreading the word.

The wonderful love and support we've received from the community has been our life blood.  Simply letting your friends and neighbors know about us has been the best thing for use.  Please consider following and sharing our social pages to help spread the work.

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